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Veterans' Whiskey Club Breckenridge Barrel Pick

Veterans' Whiskey Club Breckenridge Barrel Pick

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MASH BILL: 56% Corn, 38% Rye, 6% Malted Barley
APPEARANCE: Golden Amber
NOSE: Sugar Daddy, Honey, and floral notes
PALATE: Floral honey mingles with a subtle milk chocolate quickly finishing to dry oak.
FINISH: Long and Lingering, a hint of smoke and oak
AGED: Charred New Oak Barrel


About these bottles: The GAMMA 13 blend barrel pick from Warriors & Whiskey is not your average bottle of whiskey. Instead, Veterans’ Whiskey Club members and Warriors & Whiskey Club members selected this bourbon for its characteristically sweet and nutty flavor profile.

The flavor profile is just the beginning of what’s unique about this barrel pick. Breckenridge Distillery and Warriors & Whiskey have teamed up to give back to the veteran community in a big way as a portion of each bottle sold from this barrel pick will be donated to Project Help!


Project Help is a support system for veterans and their families who need help during and after their transition from military to civilian life. We are an all volunteer organization with 100% of donations going toward solving the financial problems of veterans. Learn more about their mission at

Breckenridge produced 240 bottles of the blend, and we don’t expect them to last long. So don’t miss an opportunity to grab a bottle of the Veterans’ Whiskey Club barrel pick and feel good about yourself for helping veterans in need!

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